Southern Mommas: A Tale by Tallulah Louise

Southern Mommas: A Tale by Tallulah Louise

If my life were like a cocktail, I’d have the perfect recipe with the right ingredients. So, what happens when I’m served an incomplete menu?

I've been zipping along, desperate to be a grownup. Cue the screeching breaks, y’all, because no one said it would be like this. 

The future, full of question marks, is like a mosquito in the summer that won't leave me alone.

Did I forget to mention that my little brother, Rhett, might make it to the altar with his brand new love before I’ve been asked the big question? No pressure, right?

When an unexpected tragedy hits our family. I am barely hanging on. Luckily, I've got Mason, my rock, and the love of my life. He's the glue that holds my sanity intact. 

I've got a motley crew of old friends and new buddies to keep me from losing it completely. Still, Mason will always be the steady beat of the chaotic lyrics of my heart. With everything up in the air, how can I hit “play” on my life’s playlist when everything feels like it will fall apart before it starts?

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